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As gaming enthusiasts ourselves, the team at Language RPG has you covered with trustworthy reviews, trends and industry updates. Browsing through our collection is a great way to figure out what to try next. Take a look through all of the news and resources listed below, and get in touch for more information.

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Full-Release of Language Runes forecasted for 2023


Here's some exciting news, language lovers: the full-release of Language Runes is scheduled for 2022. The exact date hasn't yet been determined, but it's well on it's way to completion.


Visit the blog section on the navigation to get a sneak peak of the game's current progress!

Noun Village


There's a new town that's been recently added to the game: Noun Village. This beautiful, forest town is full of Language Runes that teach you full phrases.


Not only that, but you can have interactive dialogues with the villagers! Who knows, they might even give you a present for your good language skills. 

The village includes 5 unique shops: a mage shop, a fortune telling tent, a weaponry, a restaurant, and a port!

Come visit Noun Village today and play the free demo!

Scheduled Release of Game Trailer Nov. 25th


Hey, amazing people! This is Tyler, the creator of Language Runes.

I have been working my buns off, and I am excited to announce the game's first trailer is scheduled to release this Friday, November 25th!

Please feel free to share this content with friends and family. I greatly appreciate everything you guys do!

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