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Recently, the business has branched off to include an indie game development studio, whose goal is to produce digital art and launch its first language-learning app in 2022 called LanguageRunes. The goal of the app is to provide learners with an accessible, locally-crafted, artistic, and effective app for learning English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish. LanguageRunes is aimed to gamify language learning to the next level and make the language-learning process so entertaining that learners do not notice they are learning.


Demo Release Date set for Friday May 20th 2022 @ 5:00 PM

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Live Demo of Language Runes @ Art Festival 2022

LanguageLevel is going to have a live demo station open for the entire Art-o-whirl weekend! The address is as follows:
NE TreeHouse – 326 Monroe St. NE Minneapolis, MN 55413
We are extremely excited to have you come play our new games and offer your valuable feedback!
Here is what the demo station will include:
*Demo for android app LanguageRunes, which can be played on large screen digital HD monitor or downloaded for use via GooglePlay.


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